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:: Power Supply Laboratory ::
 | Post date: 2019/08/7 | 

Power Supply Laboratory


Power Supply Tester

                          Power Supply Tester

The system consists of various parts including loads with automatic select, information processing unit and central controller, voltage and current measurement unit, power analyzer and power supply efficiency evaluation, waveform component display unit (oscilloscope), a unit for protection against overvoltages and currents, the part of power supply placement and required connections for the test.

System Specification

  • Ability to modify and develope the process of power supply testing and programming according to user requirements
  • Analysis of voltage, current, frequency and power of power supply simultaneously and data display
  • Ability to expand and extend the test rack and the number of testable resources according to user requirements
  • High precision in industrial and military environments (noise resistant)
  • Easy system maintenance and disassembly of system components with military sockets
  • Ability to store test results
  • Preparing test reports online
  • Simple user interface for system operator
  • Protection against surge currents, voltage fluctuations and errors if the internal power supply protection fails
  • Proper ventilation and prevent heat buildup during loading and testing
  • Using high reliability incidence sensors
  • Using up-to-date sensors with high reliability
  • Reduce dimensions and weight over old test boards
  • Monitoring capabilities using the HMI interface
  • Automatic troubleshooting for all system units (Self-Check)
  • The signal lamp indicates the operating status of the system
  • Ability to pause and reset at each step of the automated testing process

Applicable Tests:

Power Supply Tester Software

Power Supply Tester Software

  • Input and output waveforms displays
  • Output voltage of power supply
  • Output current of power supply
  • Output Power of power supply
  • Power supply efficiency
  • Peak to peak noise measurement
  • Load and voltage adjustment
  • Rise time measurement
  • Fall time measurement
  • Startup time measurement
  • Response time of transient modes
  • Input parameters display
  • Testing the sustainability of resources in loading in different ranges

Voltage Measurement Capabilities:

  • Ability of voltage measurement in working range of 0 to 110 V DC
  • 0 to 10 V DC output, suitable for controller input analog card
  • Use adjustable voltage converter circuit
  • Design and built entirely by the native research team at the lowest possible cost

Current Measurement Capabilities:

  • Capable of measuring current in the range of -100 to +100 V DC
  • 0 to 5 V DC output, suitable for controller input analog card
  • High precision measurement of direct and alternating current up to 1KHz frequency
  • 20mV⁄1A output gain
  • Use of hall effect to measure current indirectly

Implemented loads to Power Supplies in three ranges 50%, 75% and 100%:

The available power supply tester can support the different load types shown in the table below. These loads have different values of power, voltage, and current used for different switching power supplies. These resistors are capable of withstanding temperatures up to 500 ° C.

The resistance of the coil is made of insulation core or rod, which is obtained by rotating the wire around the insulation resistance. The resistive wire is usually tungsten, manganese, nickel or chromium nickel alloy and the core is made of porcelain, basil, continuous bond paper or ceramic deposited materials.

Implemented Loads
Type Type A Type B Type C Type D Type E
Power Range 150 to 375 w 250 to 540 w 250 to 500 w 370 to 740 w 100 to 500 w
Voltage Range 1 to 5 V 1 to 12 V 1 to 25 V 1 to 37 V 1 to 100 V
Current Range Up to 75 Amps Up to 45 Amps Up to 20 Amps Up to 20 Amps Up to 10 Amps
Measurable Values V/I/P V/I/P V/I/P V/I/P V/I/P
Output Control Values V/I V/I V/I V/I V/I
Share Current Value Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes
Noise Measurement Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes
Input voltage sensor Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes
High Speed Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes


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