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:: Antenna Characteristics ::
 | Post date: 2019/02/6 | 

Antenna Characteristics


IEEE std 149

Perform a standardized test IEEE std 149

Using the infrastructure in the Advanced Advanced Electro-Magnetic Laboratory and the Advanced Anechoic Chamber, the Institute has made it possible to conduct antenna performance measurement tests according to the IEEE std 149 standard.Antenna test feasibility study to test the performance of the antenna radiation pattern for many applications of spacecraft, military, biomedical, etc. in electromagnetic environments and under conditions of simulation of free space. The frequency range in this lab is to test in an anechoic chamber from 500 MHz to 20 GHz. All tests are automatically made from the control room, which includes CMI®TAA-30 automation..

Antenna Characteristics Test Setup

Test Setup antenna characteristics Measurment

Test setup to measure the antenna characteristics in
the anechoic chamber

It is possible to perform test measurements of the antenna performance characteristics according to the standard IEEE std 149 in an anechoic chamber. Due to special equipment such as high-horn antennas, field-of-range measurement capabilities are also available for many tests..


  • Design and manufacture of standard horn antennas in various frequency bands
  • Types of standard polarization horn broadband antennas
  • Fixed, movable and customizable holders

Test Specification

  • Measuring the radiation pattern of the antenna in 2D and 3D.
  • Measurement of Elliptical, Circular Polarization and Polarization Failure Measurement and Axial Test Measurement.
  • Center phase measurement on one, two and three axes.
  • Gain radiation measurement.
  • Provides results with high resolution resolution in accordance with the requirements of the employer
  • Measuring the radiation pattern of fuzzy array antennas
  • Measuring EIRP Patterns as Two Dimensional and 3D Plans
  • Frequency band testing on passive antennas from 500 MHz to 20 GHz as a frequency converter to cover the entire operating range in a test.
  • Possibility to measure the radiation pattern of the passive antenna With 2D and 3D (and sometimes even single-sided) platforms.
Antenna characteristics Measurement

Test setup of radar cross section measurement

Testing Services

In order to improve the service delivery of the tests to the well-known employers, the results can be followed on the basis of normal order entry and special order registration.
According to the needs of users, the test results are presented in 2D and 3D formats, and in standard laboratory formats (jpg, pdf, png) ready for delivery to customers. Other features are as follows:

  • Provide an antenna radiation pattern plot in two-dimensional, three-dimensional, and sometimes even-unidirectional
  • Preparation of results in dBi unit and the ability to provide the radiation pattern of each pattern in terms of frequency ranges
  • Provide three-dimensional graphs of radiation interest in relation to frequency and vector, fuzzy, RHCP, LHCP and axial data for circular polarization antennas in all X, C, S, L and Ku bands.

Testing Result

In order to improve the service delivery of the tests to the employers, results can be tracked based on ordering. According to the needs of the users, the test results are presented in 2D and 3D format and in standard laboratory formats (jpg, pdf, png) ready for delivery to customers.


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